CNC 481S

CNC 4'*8' Machine Center
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  • Suitable for machining complex parts of various types of products.
  • Typical applications: cabinet doors, solid wood doors, computer desks and panel type furniture.

Ordering Information:​
  • Minimum Order: Negotiable
  • Branded Product, Buyer's Label Offered.
  • Spindle: HSD(Italy) High frequency motor 9KW(12HP) for ATC (auto. tooling change)
  • High efficiency drum type ATC.
  • High intensity machine base (be able to customized working table).
  • PC bace CNC controller system (providing guests customized models to meet special needs of guests interface.)
  • Vacuum absorb system and fix up table (including vacuum pump motor: 7.5 HP)
  • OAV's format for X axis helical rank with grinding quality.
  • Z,Y Axis used by highly intensity ball screw.
  • Auto. tool measrement system.
  • Full working area auto. lubrication system.
Table size: 1245*2465mm Max. working area: 1250*2470mm
Stroke X Axis: 1300mm
Servos Motor: 1KW*2PCS + Planetary Reducers
Stroke Y Axis: 2500mm
Servos Motor: 1KW
Stroke Z Axis: 250mm; Servos Motor: 1KW Working height: Max. 300mm
Rapid X & Y Axis: 55M/min Rapid speed Z Axis: 20M/min
Spindle speed: 1000 ~ 24000rpm Tool holder taper:  ISO #30: 4PCS
Tool change mode & capacity: 8-Position drum type
Collet for router bits, ER-32
Spindle power & Q’ty: HSD9.0KW ( 12HP) *1 Vacuum Zone: 2 zones
Vacuum pump power: 7.5HP Controller: Syntec 11B control system
2.5D CAM / CAD  Vectric Vcarve pro Tool kits, Operation Manual: 1set
Measure tool:: 1pc  

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