Manufacturing Capability

Outstanding Manufacturing Capability

OAV products are manufactured on several well-planned production lines. Using these facilities, OAV has proven its ability to craft high quality products in the volumes ordered by its customers in the shortest manufacturing times possible. These highly efficient assembly lines allow us to greatly reduce production costs, helping to ensure OAV's products' are competitively priced. The assembly of all OAV's equipment is performed by highly skilled and experienced technicians, who are also constantly undergoing training from professionals from Europe, North America and Japan. Over the years, we, in cooperation with our manufacturing partners have heavily invested in high precision CNC and automatic equipment. Using this equipment, we have achieved a level of tolerance and consistency of quality of the parts used to manufacture our products that have never before been used in DIY and were applied only in industrial equipment of the highest standards. As a result, the quality of products produced with our equipment meets the quality standards that were previously applicable only to products produced with heavy-duty industrial machinery.
Over the years, we, with our sub-vendors have invested considerably in high precision automatic machining equipment. The result has been production efficiency improvement, continually upgrading and enhancing OAV's ability to meet our commitment to product, quality and productivity.