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1. Dip a cotton bud or clean cloth into the alcohol and gently dab over the area of unwanted glue.

2. For glue spots you can also try isopropyl or rubbing alcohol. The glue spot should peel right off.

❌Don’t let it sit on your boards or edging for too long however, and wipe over with a damp cloth when finished to remove all traces of the alcohol.
Opening a woodworking shop is a profitable business. You'll not only make and sell your own unique designs but also help others sell their items in your shop. This will give you a commission for selling others product. It will also offer your customers a wide range of furniture at any time.

All the default temperature setting is based on the glue specification. The temperature to make the glue line flow should be 190℃ or hotter. Failure to ensure a proper temperature level could affect bonding quality.

You can overcome some lower temperatures with additional pressing time on the edging.
🔷High performance heaters controlled by PLC are inserted into teflon coating glue pot, heated up and stablized by PID program to melt glue.
👉The pressure to make edge bander should be 7kg/cm^2 at least. Failure to ensure a proper pressure level could affect bounding quality. Also high humidity air input could affect all units working speed and cause bad performance as well.
👉 The pre-milling station can provide a clean, straight, razor-sharp edge to the panel, prior to glue and edgeband application. This ensures a clean, tight glue joint, without chips in the panel surface.
👉 Things we need to do is to wait the edge banding has cooled off, then flush trim the top and bottom edges of the banding with any of several methods by manual. But NOW, you DO NOT have to do this, fully automatic machine would help you to finish these jobs. Free you hands and save your time.
👉 Apart from looking unsightly and scratching the skin if someone bumps into them, these exposed edges allow moisture to seep in, which in turn makes the wood warp and become lumpy. To prevent these issues, edge bands were created – As they say “Necessity is the mother of invention".
👉Corner Rounders feature rounded cutting dies that are used to cut the sharp corners off sheets, replacing them with an attractive rounded look. A corner rounder turns sharp, square corners into smooth, round corners instantly.
👉The gears under the glue box of the edge banding machine should be inspected and cleaned every week, and filled with high viscosity grease. The head rail part needs to be blown clean with an air gun every day, and then injected into the sewing machine oil or transformer oil, one or two times a day.
👉The Flush Trimmer features a compact size and is comfortable to use. The trimmer cuts in 2 directions and makes a clean, flush trim edge. The trimmer is also capable of trimming edging ends.
👉The man-made wooden as the material of workpiece, the thickness deviation and the flatness may not reach the standards. This makes the distance from the pressure roller wheels to the surface of the conveyor difficult to set.If the distance is too small, it will cause too much pressure and separate of the strips and workpiece. If the distance is too large, the plate will not be compressed, and the strips cannot be banded firmly with the edge.