About OAV

OAV Equipment and Tools, Inc. provide manufacturing solutions to the woodworking industry. OAV take a consultancy approach to their clients, discussing production, growth plans and future goals, to provide the perfect manufacturing solution for the business. OAV has a team of specialists providing solutions based sales and service, with technicians from a variety of trade backgrounds including electricians, engineers, wood machinists, cabinetmakers and electronics experts. Our goal is satisfied the customers all over the world.
Since its establishment in 1980, the top priority of OAV has been to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction possible. OAV continues this process today with state of the art facilities, a diversified product range, and the most rigorous quality control process in the industry. At the same time, there is more to OAV than high manufacturing standards. It is our dedicated staff that sets us apart, each of them bringing their passion and unique talents to the company.
At OAV, our focus is not only to improve product quality, but to also make strides in research and development, customer service, and sales. Our greatest strength is our dedication to offering the best possible service to meet the needs of customers all over the world. We spare no effort to ensure that each of our customers receives the highest possible level of customer satisfaction.
The people of OAV are devoted to the pursuit of excellence in all stages of the manufacturing process, as well as post-sale services. We strive to make our sales team easy to work with for every customer, regardless of language barriers or cultural differences. Our sales representatives regularly undergo training in order to meet any challenges that may present themselves while working with customers from all over the world. We pride ourselves in continuously improving all aspects of our business structure in order to keep pace with, and eventually set, international standards.

Sliding Table Saw Supplier

OAV Equipment and Tools, Inc. is a well-experienced Sliding Table Saw and Band Saw Manufacturer in Taiwan, has been specializing in producing Wood Working Machine, Metal Working Machine, Saw Blade Sharper , Sanding Machine, Tenoners, and Air Cleaner with competitive price.  Our main products include Combination Machine, Grinder, Multiple Spindle Boring Head, Mortising Machine and Continuous Dovetailer. Besides, we also offer Beam Saw, Mortiser and Wood Band Saw with good quality.  If you are looking for excellent Round End Tenoner and Profile Grinder, please feel free to contact us.