Veneer Processing Machine
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The UltiMate crossfeed splicing machine is designed for glue-spliced joint for long and panel-sized veneer faces. The pre-glued veneer strips are fed into the machine manually with feeding stoppers for fast and easy operation. The integrated cut-to-size clipper at the outfeed section is for the designed-width faces. Operators can also select the endless splicing model for jointing certain numbers of veneer strips. The production output of the crossfeed splicing machine is approximately 6 ~ 7 times faster than the longitudinal splicing machine. Together with our Double Sided Veneer Glue Applicator, GlueMate, and Veneer Fanning Machine, FanningMate, a full set of veneer splicing line is completed.
  1. Pre-feeding Stoppers: To avoid mismatching in the beginning of feeding stage, a specially designed stopping system ensures users a “place-and-go” feeding operation for non-stop splicing work.
  2. User-friendly Control Panel: A “clear-and-easy” operation panel with user-friendly PLC based interface touch screen mounted right in the front of the machine allows users to reach the best production output.
  3. Back Clipper: This standard accessory ensures a precise “cut-to-size” veneer faces to be achieved.
  4. Pneumatic and Hydraulic System: The UltiMate is equipped with European-made pneumatic and hydraulic system for a highest quality.
  5. Hand-safety Guard: To avoid any human false against operator’s safety, a photocell safety guard is mounted to protect operators when the crossbeam is in downward movement. The UltiMate meets European CE safety requirements.
Veneer Condition UltiMate 2800 UltiMate 3200
Veneer Strip Thickness
(depending on veneer condition)
0.35 ~ 1.2 mm
(other thickness upon request)
0.35 ~ 1.2 mm
(other thickness upon request)
Veneer Strip Length 750 ~ 2800 mm 750 ~ 3200 mm
Veneer Strip Width 75 ~ 380 mm 75 ~ 380 mm
Veneer Moisture Content approx. 8 ~ 12% approx. 8 ~ 12%
Machine Specification
Average Production Speed up to 15 ~ 25 cycles/min.
(depending on the veneer width and thickness of single sheet)
up to 15 ~ 25 cycles/min.
(depending on the veneer width and thickness of single sheet)
Electric Power approx. 17 kw approx. 18.5 kw
Compressed Air 6 kgs/cm2, 95 L/min. 6 kgs/cm2, 95 L/min.
Machine Dimensions  
(L x W x H)
4250 x 1570 x 2054 mm 4700 x 1570 x 2054 mm
Net Weight approx. 5000 Kg approx. 6000 Kg
*Technical data is not binding and can be modified without prior notice.