Auto. Copy Shaper:Light Duty
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Auto Copy Shaping Machine


Auto Copy Shaping Machine

With high output of large model, and compact structure of small model, the LH-62 and 72 Copying Machine is an outstanding unit with high value. Equipped with standard fittings, including centric feed plate, the machine is suitable for work on chairs, medium to small desks and similar products. The machine can also be equipped with auto air-operated tongs when continuous finishing is required, and is most suitable for the processing of chair and desk legs, chairs backs, etc. The LH-28, 28A, 40, 28WS, 40WS, 28TC and 40TC are designed for the shaping and profiling of medium and small workpieces. The unit is easy and convenient to operate. Optional Auto Copying Seat & Feeding Seat are available for automatic production.
Cutting capacity 6" to 62" 6" to 72"
Max. cutting length to width ratio 55.2"x27.6" 62"x30"
Table diameter 46" 46"
Table speed 1-3RPM 1-3RPM
Spindle speed 9000RPM 9000RPM
Spindle diameter 30mm 30mm
Spindle height 5.5" 5.5"
Max. Cutter diameter Range 200mm 200mm
Follower wheel diameter 100mm 100mm
Table drive motor 2HP 2HP
Cutter head drive motor 10HP 10HP
Net weight (kg) 1650kgs 1850kgs
Gross weight (kg) 2000kgs 2500kgs
Machine size (mm) 1870x1450x1880 1950x1750x1880
Packing dimensions (mm) 1943x1524x2220 2040x1770x2220