OAV edge banding machines are professional for Cabinet makers, Kitchen cabinet, workshop, Shopfitters and Furniture.
  • OAV edge bander MAX370A is the industrial choice which is with CORNER ROUNDING function. Can bring you the high-quality results on the workpieces.
  • It coils up to 3mm thickness, and strips up to 4mm. This affordable machine is equipped with 1.2kgs capacity glue tank, pre-milling, auto gluing, edge cutting,end trimming, corner rounding, flush trimming, scraping and buffing functions.
  • PLC parameter setting & temperature control bring the stable and reliable working conditions, which will raise the quality of your products and save times.
  • MAX 370A is the helper to optimize your investment and take your performance to the next level
  • 1.Touch screen
    HMI control system reduces manual settings to a minimum and enables a quick, easy and intuitive selection and control of the aggregate as well as the complete monitoring of all machine functions from the screen.
  • 2.Pre-milling unit
    Two counter rotating activation controlled and individually adjustable units with spiral cutters that ensure first class edge processing before the workpiece is glued to the edge.
  • 3.Quick change glue pot
    The Teflon coating glue pot has 1.2 kgs capacity, short warm-up time is quick operational readiness. The quickly change system of the glue pot guarantees shortest cleaning and changeover time when changing glue.
  • 4.End cutting unit
    Two blades with fence plate against workpiece to cut excessive edge on the front and rear sides.
  • 5.Flush trimming
    Two counter rotating activation controlled and individually adjustable units with replaceable knifes that cutting excessive on the top and bottom sides.
  • 6.Corner rounding unit
    The corner rounding unit is controlled from the control panel, naturally with the option of choosing which corners need to be rounded.
  • 7.Radius scrap unit
    The radius surface receives a light scraping, removing any remaining from the trimming process and ensuring a smooth finish. The fine adjustment is manual.
  • 8.Flat scrap unit (Optional)
    Slightly remove residual glue on the workpiece caused by squeeze-out.
  • 9.Buffing unit and motorized pressure beam
    The unit is made up of two independent electric motors, the task of the buffing unit is to clean and polish the top and bottom part of the edge. The height of the pressure beam can adjusted automatically according to the thickness of the panel.
  • 10.Release agent spray unit (Optional)
    Applying release agent from the top and bottom to prevent leaked adhesive residual glue sticking on the workpiece.
  • 11.Cleaning spray unit (Optional)
    The cleaning agent spraying system sprays the solvent from the top and bottom of the workpiece. Cleaning agent is installed in front of pre-milling unit and loosed adhesive residue on the panel.

Feeding speed 9 M/min.
Panel Thickness 8-45 mm
Edge Thickness 0.4-3 mm
Mini. Panel width 90 mm
Mini. Panel length 170 mm
Working table height 960 mm
Extensible support width 560 mm
Extension connector Ø in mm Ø5" (125mm)
Motor 6.7 kw
Pre-milling 12000 rpm
Front/rear trimming 12000 rpm
Up/down trimming 12000 rpm
Corner rounding 12000 rpm
Buffing 3000 rpm
Packing size 3731 x 720 x 1636 mm
Weight, N.W./G.W. 770 kgs / 915 kgs (N.W./ G.W.)
MODEL Power (KW) of each motor
Feeding motor 0.75 kw
Glue pot heating (5 elements) 1.315 kw
Pre-milling motor 1.1 kw x 2
Pre-heating 0.4 kw
Glue spindle motor 0.25 kw
Front/rear trimming motor 0.22 kw
Upper/lower trimming motor (each) 0.37 kw x 2
Corner rounding motor 0.37 kw
Upper/lower buffing motor (each) x2 0.12 kw
The specifications and design characteristics shown in this catalog are subject to change without prior notice.