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Automatic Programable Cut-off Saw, S-450

OAV Equipment and Tools, Inc. has consistently maintained ours leading position in the Taiwan market with standard and special Automatic Programable Cut-off Saw. Owing to the stringent quality policy, our Automatic Programable Cut-off Saw meets the exact requirements of varied clients. We are one of the leading suppliers and exporters of optimum quality Automatic Programable Cut-off Saw. Also, our Automatic Programable Cut-off Saw is illustrious in the market for its perfect designing, flawless performance, cost-effectiveness, and other such features.
Automatic Programable Cut-off Saw


Automatic Programable Cut-off Saw

Features :

  • Employs an advanced servo control system.
    The machine performs defective part cutting and fixed size cutting for meeting various cutting requirement.
  • Fast processing speed. High stability and cutting accuracy to ±1mm, solving tough cutting problems.
  • Ideal for finger jointing material and mass material preparation.
  • Minimum size of stock; 300 x 30 x 10mm.
  • Automatic trimming of head piece. (not available in marking lines cutting mode).
  • AUTOMATIC POSITION SYSTEM The fast moving pusher reaches a maximum distance of 60m/min with perfect position.
This section is acted as stopper for single size cutting. Just jey in the desired size for the cutting length or choice the size from the 50 sets of memory.
This section is acted as multiple sizes and multiple quantities by automatic cutting cycle.
Key in the material length, trim size, desired cutting size and quantity. The program will show the length of remain material automatically. 51~100 set memory with each of 10 sets of cutting length and quantity.
This section is acted as single size with multiple cutting quantities. Key in the desired cutting length., material length and the pusher will move to the size every time for the auto cutting cycle. 1~50 set memory setting program.
A fluorescent pen is used to mark off unwanted marks on the material which is later cut off with the aid of a sensor.
** PLC controlled automatic fence device driven by servomotor active as: STOP: Just key in the size, it will automatic moved to the position, ready for the job size.

Push FENCH: Just key in all the size and quantities, it will move to the length then push to the first size. When the job finished, it will keep going for the quantity or the next size inputted continued until all the setting was finished, it will restart again. ** Standard eight sets of job data memory. Extendable: printer, PC link, and unlimited memory. ** Efficiency and Accuracy for all the jobs require sizing such boring, drilling and cutting. ** Super traveling speed up to 200 feet per minute. ** Within +-0.10mm accuracy. ** Other lengths are available.
The touch screen's function botton allows practical understanding thus bringing out the best of this devise.
This section is acted as auto defect cutting program.
To use the fluorescent crayon marked the front & back of defect parts for cutting line.
This section it can also to set one desired cutting size between the defect parts automatically.
** Constant length of cutting mode.
** Marking lines cutting mode.
** Sequential cutting mode.
* 50 sets of cutting sizes memory (for sequential cutting mode only).
** Marking lines cutting mode andconstand length cutting mode.

Specifications :

Saw spindle speed 3600 rpm
Circular saw diameter 18" x 3.4mm x 1" x 120T
Saw motor 10 HP
Feeding speed 50~60m/min
Height of bed 880mm
Air pressure 5~7 kgs / 80cm2
*We reserve the right to modify design without prior notice.

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