AT16SS 作榫机


The AT16SS has an added cooling cycle unit to keep gear oil being lubricated at the correct temperature, and to maintain that temperature during high speed running. This helps to improve the service life and function of the gear.
Noise created from belt wire and disadvantages of heat transmission will influence the working environment. Also, they are difficult to replace and maintain. The AT16SS adopts V-belt transmission which is noise-less, easily replacemed, and morever, it will not overheat.
Precise gear production and design results in faster spindle speeds, less noise as well as easy replacement and maintainence. Thereby, output is highly increased.
Dust collector comes as a standard equipment.
The quality of tenon processing is elevated. The concept of traditional consumptive market has changed. That is, a machine should be beautiful as well as being safe, convenient and offer high production capacity. This machine contains all of the functions necessary for the modern consumptive market. In addition to being easy to operate, the machine has a streamlined, aesthetic feeling and superior safety features.

Main Motor 5 HP / 3PH 7.5 HP / 3PH 10 HP / 3PH
Cutter Spindle 8 pcs 16 pcs 24 pcs
Spindle Rotation 8,000 R.P.M. 8,000 R.P.M. 8,000 R.P.M.
Working Range 3/8" ~ 1" 3/8" ~ 1" 3/8" ~ 1"
Max. width of Workpiece 8 1/4" 16 1/4" 24 1/4"
Net Weight 685 kg. 720 kg. 870 kg.
Gross Weight 775 kg. 810 kg. 970 kg.
Machine Dimensions 1,460x870x1,000 mm. 1,460x870x1,000 mm. 1,710x890x1,010 mm.
Packing Dimensions 1,530x970x1,220 mm. 1,530x970x1,220 mm. 1,820x980x1,230 mm.
*The specifications, dimensions and design characteristics are subject to change without notice.



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