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仕兴机械工业股份有限公司专注于专业其它木工机械领域,我们以多年累积的核心技术及经验,配合顾客的各种需求,提供高品质的其它木工机械 产品服务。我们提供其它木工机械详细产品服务资讯,欢迎您利用表单方式与我们联系,我们将竭诚为您服务。

CF-100A2 木工机械


* Suitable for cutting wood board into round rods.
* Designed for high production performance.
* Number of round rods per pass is determined by the diameter to be cut, maximum cutting width is 100mm.
* Cutting capacity 2- 30mm in diameter.
* Magnetic switch control.
* Easy adjustment in every way, more convenient than competitors on the market that saves your adjustment time.

CF-18 木工机械


* Cuts square wood into round rods, with capacity from 6 to 18mm in diameter.
* Ideally suited to make dowels for jointing work in desk, chair furniture assembly.
* Combine milling and spiral fluting in one pass of feed, that gives a superior method of jointing, more rigid than plan dowels.
* A valuable unit that turns your waste wood sticks into a useful dowels.
* Easy movement from one job site to another.
* Used together with CF-36 Dowel crosscut and chamfering machine that will be a complete set of perfect mechanism for marking dowels
* Dust proof switch
* Patented adjustable stick holding device No.54684

CF-36 木工机械


* Suitable for cutting dowels form 6 to 18mm in diameter, 20 to 150mm in length.
* Combined cut-off and chamfering in a unit.
* Cutting length adjustable .
* Fastest cutting 1800 pieces per hour.
* Simply loaded the wood sticks into the revolving tray, the machine will perform cut-off and chamfering .
* Easy movement fron, one job site to another.
* Used together with CF-18 Dowel Milling Machine will be a complete set.
* Dust proof switch
* Patented improved tension design on pressure roll No.52479

CF-60,80 木工机械


* Designed for cutting stick from square into round rod, with capacity from 10 to 80mm in diameter.
* Suitable for material as wood, bamboo, rattan, acrylic and similar material.
* 4 cutting feed speeds to suit the various materials.
* Maximum safety is guarantted by such features as feed rolls guard, fully enclosed transmission parts.
* Cutterhead does not start while cutterhead cover is opened(on request).
* Patented feed rolls guard No. 37270
* Patented automatic feed device No. 30488

CF-60S 木工机械


* Designed for cutting stick from square into round rod, cutting stick up to 60mm in diameter.
* Better than a single head machine, the CF-60S twin head machine offers smoother surface and saves finish time.
* Built with 2 cutterheads, provides coarse and finish cutting sequence in one pass.
* Excellent for making round rod as material like wood, bamboo, rattan, acrylic and similar material.
* Magnetic switch control.
* Patented multiple cutterheads No. 36565
* Patented feed rolls guard No. 37270

DCC-220 木工机械


* The DCC-220 is high production, high speed cross-cut and chamfering machine.
* DCC-220 can auto sift out dowel which length insufficient.
* Each spiral fluting, straight fluting, smooth and glossy plan dowels with dowel cross-cut and chamfering from DCC-220.
* Capacity: about 7,500-15,000 dowels/hour with infinitely variable speed change.
* Cutting length range:30-150mm.
* Accuracy turbine and turbine shaft perform feeding transfer, Iubricating for transfer parts in oil box to increase prolonged the serving life.
* Chamfering cut off and feed drives each with a separate motor.
* The DCC-220 has 2 sets chamfering cutter perform double end chamfering before dowel cross-cut.
* Easy adjustable and save time.