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P305  (CE) Escuadradora
  • Overhead Guard (Optional)
    The CE overhead guard is not only fascinating in its outer appearance but also with its powerful suction will keep the environment clean and make operation comfortable and easy

MODEL P305 (2600mm) P305 (3200mm)
Sliding table dimension 2,600x360mm 3,200x360mm
Cast Iron table 548x896mm 548x896mm
Extension table (rear) 952x896mm 952x896mm
Extension table (front) 320x830mm 320x830mm
Table size 1,500x1,726mm 1,500x1,726mm
Round rail Ø40mm Ø40mm
Main saw blade (Max.) 305mm 305mm
Main saw bore 30mm 30mm
Max. cutting height with blade 305 mm at 90° 90mm 90mm
Max. cutting height with blade 305 mm at 45° 63mm 63mm
Main motor power (3ph) 5 HP (3.75kw) 5 HP (3.75kw)
Main blade speed 4,000 r.p.m 4,000 r.p.m.
Scoring saw blade 120mm 120mm
Scoring saw blade bore 20mm 20mm
Scoring blade motor power (optional) 3/4 HP (0.56kw) 3/4 HP (0.56kw)
Scoring blade speed 8,000 r.p.m. 8,000 r.p.m.
Cutting width 1,300mm 1,300mm
Main saw blade tilting adjustment Manual (0°~45°) Manual (0°~45° )
Saw guard Simple (overhead guard optional) Simple (overhead guard optional)
Dust collection system 120mm /64mm 120/64mm
N.W./G.W./MEAS.: (Machine) 478/554kgs (2,110x1,150x1,120mm) 478/554kgs (2,110x1,150x1,120mm)
N.W./G.W./MEAS.: (Sliding table) 70/75kgs (2,680x420x220mm) 88.5/95kgs(3,300x430x220mm)
N.W./G.W./MEAS. (Overhead guard) 23/24kgs (1,610x195x255mm)
9/9.5kgs (830x155x439mm)
2/2.5 kgs(630x194x197mm)
Ctn QTY 9/19 sets 8/19 sets