Edge Banding Machine
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Edge Bander


Edge Banding Machine

OAV's Edge Bander MAX360A is the industrial choice with CORNER ROUNDING function which brings you the perfect high-quality result on the workpiece. In coils up to 3mm thick, and strip up to 4mm thick, this affordable machine is equipped with 1.2KG capacity glue tank, auto gluing, edge cutting, end trimming, flush trimming and scraping, and buffing functions.

Featuring a user-friendly adjustment with numerical indicators as well as TOUCH SCREEN display for all operation, PLC parameter setting & temperature control, allows for stable and reliable working conditions which will raise the quality of your products while also saving time.
This best choice is the helper to optimize your investment and take your organization's output and performance to the next level!
10" TFT LCD Touch screen
• Unparalleled with unique functions including PLC I/O diagnostics, parameter editing & checking, directly connection with the PLC program and adjustment, etc.
• It support 128MB Flash+128MB DDR3 for storage of job programs and screen data.
• Users are able to access all information and adjustment in 7 multi-language including English, Spanish, Russian, Hungary, Czech and Polish.
• Historical record for service and future reference of maintenance.
• In-program alarm notification brings you the most efficient trouble shooting process on this comprehensive machinery.
• Auto Trouble Pass function prevents the damaging from accident panel feeding or malfunctioning.
Automatic pressure beam
The height of the pressure beam can adjusted automatically according to the thickness of the panel being process. Rapidly increase the operating efficiency for the end users.
Heavy-duty Chain Feeder
The steady work-piece feeding mechanism is comprised of a chain and set of drive rollers, which will leave no scratches on the work-piece surface.
Flush Trimming Unit
The compact system applies the top/bottom trimming for the edge overhang to process the workpiece edges for creating the requiredshape of finishing with two pieces of 0.37KW high speed motors. It provides solutions practically for the most essential trimming requirements.
The Corner Rounding Unit
The compact corner rounding unit brings the ability of trimming to the very highest level. All the essential functions of trimming are programmed by the operator and executed at high speed to an exceptional degree of accuracy, providing the finest basis for efficient operation, leadingto higher productivity. Auto Trouble Pass feature is applied to this unit especially to prevent the malfunctioning on other related units or too-fast panel feeding.
Buffing Unit
The buffing unit leaves a super finish on ABS and PVC edging, and removes any discoloration on the edges, which is especially noticeable when working with dark edge material.
Edge Scrap Chip Collection Box
Guarantee the chip free for better finished.
Radius Scrap Unit
Accomplishing an most favorable appearance by smoothing trimmed edges with this unit.
Flat Scrap Unit (Optional)
Accomplishing an most favorable appearance by removing the leaked or left glues remained on the edge.
End Cutting Unit
This unit is mounted on high-precision linear bearing, which ensure perfect cutting results. The high frequency motors 12,000 RPM motor meets any challenge.
Glue Pot Unit
The 1.2kgsTeflon-coated glue pot is designed for EVA hot-melt glue. The glue is applied with an adjustable glue roller.
Preheating Unit
Preheating units provides 0.4KW heating power to apply heating on humid panel side and avoid low quality banding result with icing panels in area with lower degrees.
Pre-milling Unit
The function of premilling can remove up 1 mm panel edge. It removes breakout from the saw, solves out erros caused by a miss set scribing blade or bad cutting panel.

Feeding Speed 11 M/Min.
Panel Thickness 8-45 mm
Edge Thickness 0.4-3 mm
Mini. Panel width 90mm
Mini panel length 220mm
Working table height 940mm
Extensible support width 560mm
Extraction connector Ø 125 mm X 2
Total Motor Power 5.9 kw
Overall Size 3700*1003*1970mm
Weight, kg (N.W./G.W.) 830/950KG
Packing size 3550*720*1660mm
UP/down 12,000 r.p.m.
Front/rear 12,000 r.p.m.
Corner rounding unit 12,000 r.p.m.
Buffing 3000rpm
Power (kW) of each motor
Feeding motor 0.75 (Kw)
pre-milling motor (2pcs/set)
Glue spindle motor 0.24 (Kw)
Front/rear trimming motor 0.22 (Kw)
upper trimming motor 0.37 kw
lower trimming motor 0.37kw
upper buffing motor 3ph -0.12kw, 1ph -0.18kw
lower buffing motor 3ph -0.12kw, 1ph -0.18kw
pre-heating 0.4kw
corner rounding motor 0.37kw
glue pot (5 elements) 1.315kw
Container QTY:(20'/40') 2/6 sets, 2/4 sets