Edge Banding Machine, Edgebander
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OAV's brand new Edge Bander MAX340M combines an excellent user experience with top-quality banding.This affordable machine is equipped with end trimming, flush trimming and scraping, and buffing functions. Featuring an user-friendly adjustment with numerical indicators as well as an LCD display, it allows for stable and reliable working conditions which will raise the quality of your products while also saving time.

The MAX340M is the perfect choice if you are looking to optimize your investment and take your organization's output and performance to the next level!
Operating panel with LED keypad
- Glue temperature settings
- Units can be selected and disengaged individually
- Heating fence is standard
Guillotine Shears
Coiled material up to 3 mm in thickness can be trimmed by the guillotine shears.
Edge feeding for coiled materials
Edge feeding is automatic for roller materials with a thickness of 0.4-3 mm
Glue Pot
The 1.2 kg Teflon-coated glue pot is designed for EVA hot-melt glue.The glue is applied with an adjustable glue roller.
Heavy-duty chain feeder
The steady work-piece feeding mechanism is comprised of a chain and set of drive rollers, which will leave no scratches on the work-piece surface.
Scraping Unit - Radius Scraping Unit
The scraping unit fine-tunes the edge radius and removes excess glue.
Pressure Roller
The pressure roller unit consists of one large roller, followed by a smaller one. The purpose of the unit is to improve the glue bond between the edge and the material.The unit is mechanically spring¬loaded and due to the "Quick" setup system, can be adjusted exactly to the required edge thickness.The adjustable spring system allows for a perfect bond between the panel and edge every time.
End Cutting Unit
The unit is mounted on high-precision linear bearings, which ensure perfect cutting results. meets any challenge, regardless of edge type and thickness.
Buffing Unit
The buffing unit leaves a super finish on ABS and PVC edging, and removes any discoloration on the edges, which is especially noticeable when working with dark edge material.
Flush Trimming Unit
The standard copy roller disc for flush trimming unit is accurate, does not damaged the workpiece, and produces a better finish.
Feeding speed  7M/min.
Panel Thickness 12-45mm
Edge Thickness 0.4-3mm
Mini. Panel width 90mm
Mini. Panel length 90mm
Working table height 856mm
Extensible support width  560mm
Extension connector Φ in mm Φ4" (105mm)X2
Total kW 3.9kW-3ph/4.8kW-1ph
End  trimming 10500rpm 
Up/down trimming 8800rpm  
Buffing 3400rpm(60HZ)/2800rpm(50HZ)
Overall Size (LXWXH) 2910x1180x1200mm
Weight, N.W./G.W. 400/507kgs(N.W./G.W.)
Container Qty' (20'/40') 8/16 sets
Power (KW) of each motor
Feeding Motor 0.75kW(3ph), 0.94kW(1ph)
Pre-heating  0.4kW
Glue spindle motor 0.25kW
End  trimming motor 0.18kW
Upper/lower  trimming motor  0.55kW(3ph), 1.13kW(1ph)
Upper/lower buffing motor (each) x2 0.12kW(3ph), 0.18kW(1ph)
Glue Pot heating (5 elements) 1.315kW

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Edge Banding Machine, Edgebander, MAX340M


Edge Banding Machine, Edgebander
OAV's brand new Edge Bander MAX340M combines an excellent user experience with top-quality ...
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