Edge Banding Machine
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Edge Banding Machine


Edge Bander

  • A unique feeding guide - there is no need to adjust. even when working with edges of varying thicknesses.
  • A stable copying disk.
  • A dust port in the table. making it quick and easy to keep the environment clean.
  • Electronic temperature regulation.
  • The saw can easily cut coils up to 3 mm.
  • Synthetic table guides. and a heavy-duty roller to support both large and heavy bander jobs.
  • A table extension. with adjustable front supports. for gluing large panels.
  • A feeding device with an upper driven belt system.
  • Precise adjustment and read-out units for both thickness and trimming.
The MAX 330 Edge-banding machine with glue pot can apply edges to straight panels with an automatic feed, and can apply glue directly to panels with both wood and plastic edges, in coils up to 3 mm thick, and strips up to 4 mm thick. It is equipped with automatic front/rear trimming cut-off, and flush trimming/buffing on both sides of the workpiece.

  • The floating roller and small chrome-plated roller are powerfuI enough to feed the edge smoothly. The glue thickness and quantity is adjustable.
  • The flush trimmers with copying pads have numerical indicators for adjustments, as well as copying discs, which allow for perfectly trimmed panels, as well as combined high quality cutters for beveled/radius cuts. They also feature a high efficiency dust hood, for a clean work area.
  • The standard copy roller disc for flush trimming unit is accurate, does not damaged the workpiece, and produces a better finish.
  • The buffing unit, which can be positionedwherever it is necessary, perfectly cleans and polishes the edges, leaving them in pristine condition.
  • The 1.1 kgs capacity glue pot is Teflon-coated, which makes cleaning quick and convenient. The 5 heating elements make bringing the glue to the desired temperature simple, while the motorized glue spreader's user-friendly design helps make work more efficient.
PLC control, with separate controls for each unit. The frame is constructed from solid steel, making it both stable, and reliable The MAX 330 can apply straight edges to panels with an automatic feed, and spreads glue directly onto wood or plastic edges in coils up to 3mm thick and strips up to 4 mm thick.
Automatic stand-by temperature The electronic temperature control automatically switches to standby mode when not in use.
Glue Pot The Teflon-coated glue pot has a capacity of 1.1 kgs, and includes 5 heating elements, as well as a glue temperature regulator, with automatic stand-by.
Trimming cut-off for front/rear edge express The working cycle is controlled by PLC, with separate controls for each unit.
Dust device The high•efficiency dust port allows dust to be collected directly under the table, for a clean work environment.
Flush with trimmers copying pads. Copying disc, numerical indicators for adjustments, combined

TCT cutters beveled/radius
Overhead protection guard The guard can be lifted, to allow for checking on small edge banding jobs.
Panel thickness 12 •45mm (numerical panel thickness indicator)
Edge thickness Min•Max 0.4•3.0 mm/up to 4.0 mm for strips
Feeding motor 0.37 kw (automatic panel belt feeder). The large working table with 11 adjustable rollers is capable of supporting large panels. Includes an extensible support for large panels.
Glue & edge 0.18 kw
Heating elements 5 pcs with 1.2 kw
Heating In-feed fence 0.32 kw (In cases where the panel. may be too wet due to poor weather conditions, this feature helps dry it, in order to achieve a good finish)
End trimming motor 0.18 kw 80mm (Automatic front/rear cut off trimming, and flush trimming and buffing on both sides of the work piece)
Flush trimming motor 0.56 kw
Buffing Unit 0.12 kw*2 - 120 mm - 3000 RPM (Cleans and polishes edges)
N.W./G.W.: 348/464 kgs
Packing Dimensions 2,110 x 720 x l,260 mm
Cutter Cutter-block with disposable cutters TCT beveled/radius 10,000RPM. 75mm radius 2 mm/15 ' bevel (optional)
Total power installed 3.2 kw

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