Aluminum Cut Off Saw

  • Cutting off capacity (thickness x width): 2" x 12", 3" x 11", 4" x 10".
  • Stripped table surface is precision ground, assuring cutting accuracy.
  • Picture shown left-hand model is standard.
  • Right-hand model (optional).
  • Fast cutting rate up to 25 strokes per minute. Cycle speeds are adjustable.
  • Motion cycles are pneumatically operated, and conveniently controlled by a foot switch.
  • Powerful, high torque 7 1/2 HP motor drive. (optional: up to 10HP).
  • 18" sawblade (optional).
  • Clamp is easily adjusted for workpiece thickness variation.
  • Easy belt tension adjustment or replacement.
  • High stability at fast cutting rates.
  • Infeed and outfeed roller conveyors (optional).
  • Convenient cycle speed adjustment from outside the machine is available.
  • A version model YFC-18M is available for cutting aluminum and acrylic material. (optional: with hydraulic system).
Extension stop
Extension stop is provided on the outfeed roller conveyor, providing convenient length stops. It is ideal for repetitive cuts in a mass production line.
Infeed and outfeed roller conveyor (Optional)
The outfeed roller conveyor is equipped with a graduated gauge bar, with a swing stop for identical length of cut. Roller conveyors are supplied as optional. Length as required.
18"/24" Safety guard (Optional)
When the operator's hands approach the cutting area, the safety switch will automatically by actuated to elevate the pressure device. So, protect the operator.
Safety cover for 18/24 (optional)
The 18" & 24" cut off saws feature complete safety for fast cutting operations. The sawblade is totally enclosed in the cabinet, and covered by the clamp while it raises to perform cutting. The optional see-through side guard prevents the operator's hands from approaching the cutting area. This assures the safest cutting operations.
Movable foot switch
14"/18" Auto. adjustment of sawblade for cutting thickness as desired

Cutting capacity (thickness x width) 1" x 10", 2" x 9", 3" x 8"
Cycle speed 45 strokes/min
Cycle operation Pneumatic
Saw blade size (optional) 14"
Saw arbor diameter 1"
Saw blade speed 4100 rpm / 3800 rpm
Dust exhaust diameter Ø4"
Motor 5 HP ( 7 1/2 HP optional)
Table size 630 x 590mm
Net weight 240 kgs
Gross weight 290 kgs
Packing dimensions (L x W x H) 770 x 760 x 1300 mm
*We reserve the right to modify design without prior notice.
Cutting capacity (thickness x width) 2" x 12", 3" x 11 ", 4" x 10 "
Cycle speed 25 strokes/min
Cycle operation Pneumatic & Hydraulic
Saw blade size (optional) 18"
Saw arbor diameter 1"
Saw blade speed 3600 rpm / 3200 rpm
Dust exhaust diameter Ø4"
Motor 7 1/2 HP ( 10 HP optional)
Table size 660 x 700mm
Net weight 350 kgs
Gross weight 410 kgs
Packing dimensions (L x W x H) 940 x 850 x 1350 mm
*We reserve the right to modify design without prior notice.

  • Sawblade.
  • Infeed and outfeed roller conveyor, Length as required.
  • Cover & safety guard.

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Cut Off Saw


Cut Off Saw

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