Veneer Processing Machine
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LONGITUDINAL VENEER SPLICER(Integrated Gluing System Inside)

VeneerPlus, LVS-1250 Series

LONGITUDINAL VENEER SPLICER(Integrated Gluing System Inside)

The VeneerPlus is particularly suitable for the furniture industry and automatic production runs. To accomplish this work, a specially designed gluing device is mounted between the feeding rollers and transporting conveyors. This enables users to feed veneers right after veneer edges are cut straight eliminating the pre-gluing process. The infeed rollers will accurately align the veneer to the gluing unit and then transport the glued veneers to the heating section. In this case, the veneer gluing and splicing work can be accomplished within one single machine. Standard Accessory - Cooling System for Glue-pot To extend the pot-life of the mixed glue, a cooling system is mounted on the bottom of the glue-pot.
Veneer Condition
Veneer Strip Thickness
(depending on veneer condition)
approx. 0.35 ~ 1.5 mm
(other thickness upon request)
Veneer Strip Length 350 ~ 3000 mm
Veneer Strip Width 50 ~ 1240 mm
Veneer Moisture Content approx. 8 ~ 12%
Machine Specification
Production Speed up to 40 meters/min.
(depending on veneer condition & thickness)
Electric Power approx. 5.5 kw
Compressed Air 5 kgs/cm2
Heating Temperature 100 ~ 220
Heating Zone 1210 mm
Machine Dimensions (L x W x H) 2300 x 2050 x 1800 mm
Net Weight approx. 1700 Kg
*Technical data is not binding and can be modified without prior notice.