Edge Bander

1. Bakelite tabletop
2. Digital thermo-control hot melt glue pot, aluminize heating plate that heating quick and long lifetime.
3.Substratum glue pot and Gluing on the edge, quick remove upper sets that easy clean dust inside.
4.Gluing capacity adjust by rotate knob , depend on material to adjust easy do it.
5.Digital time & sensor length measure ,auto feed & cut off, setup emergency cut push-button on tabletop.
6.Idea design for tool free to adjust edge setup, good for operator in process.
7.Quick remove sleeve for edge height holder, easy take out to clean and don’t need to adjust while put it back.
8.Under joint rubber roller with flexible guide can be adjust bottom side edge over size.
9.Driving roller chain #425 with flexible idle roller powerful & smooth..

Remark:All specifications & design are subject to change without prior notice.
Model EB-322
Workpiece thickness (chamfer 15 degree) 9-60 mm
Workpiece thickness (curve 3R) 0.4-3 mm
Workpiece width min. 20 mm
Curved inside radius min. 300 mm
Edge thickness max. 6 / 9 / 14 m/min
Cutter 3 kw
Cutter motor 6 bar
Packing size 1100x1070x1150h mm
Machine weight approx. 400kg

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