Straight Line Rip Saw
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Straight Line Rip Saw
Superior Quality Maximum Dependability of Performance
  • Exclusively designed lubricator provides excellent lubrication performance.
  • Convenient link chain tracking adjustment
  • Accurate link chain feed ensures superior straight accuracy.
  • Ruggedly constructed throughout for maximum stability of operation.
  • Precision saw arbor gives accurate and smooth cut.
Patented Saw Arbor Breake System (Patented)
Once the guard door is opened, the saw arbor will instantly brake in only 4 seconds.
Exclusive Lubricator (Patented)
The lubricator delivers oil to link chains. Specially designed lubricator allows lubricant flow synchronizing with chain feed speed to ensure superior lubrication effect.
Accurate Fence
The cast iron fence moves on the tubular rail with positive lock. A graduated scale is provided on the rail for accurate reading of fence positioning.
Comprehensive Safety Guards (Optional )
The machine is equipped with infeed and side safety guards, providing comprehensive safety protection for the operator during operation.
Powered Elevation Of Pressure Mechanism (Optional )
The pressure mechanism is raised or lowered by a power drive for maximum convenience of position adjustment.
Anti-Kickback Finger
The infeed end of the machine is fitted with anti-kickback fingers providing maximum safety of guard for the operator.
Laser Unit (Optional)
When requested, the laser unit can be fitted on this machine for accurately guiding the saw path.

MODEL R12 R16 R20
Gluing length range(mm) 200-1500 200-2300 300-3000
Max. depth of cut (mm) 75 75 135
Max. sawblade diameter (mm) 355 355 510
Supplied sawblade specif D305T70B5 D305T70B5 D355T70B5
Sawblade bore (mm) 50.8 50.8 50.8
Saw arbor motor (hp) 10 10 15
Feed drive motor (hp) 1.5 1.5 2
Feed speed (60Hz) (M/min) 11-32 Variable speed 11-32 Variable speed 13-50 Variable speed
Saw arbor brake system Optional Optional Optional
Height of saw arbor Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable
Link chain lubrication system (mechanical type) Standard Standard Standard
No. of pressure roller 6 8 8
Distance from sawblade to machine frame (mm) 460 460 660
Table dimensions (LxWxH) (mm) 1400x850x800 1750x900x850 2000x1015x850
Table width at left of sawblade (mm) 405 455 425
Table width at right of sawblade (mm) 445 445 590
Packing demensions (LxWxH) (mm) 1690x1560x1520 2060x1640x1580 2240x1670x1650
Optional safety devices:
1. Bottom anti-kickback fingers(Auto.)
2. Side safety guard.
3. Automatic fence.
*Specifications, dimensions, and design characteristics are subject to change without previous notice.