Vertical & Horizontal Boring Machine

H-Spindle motor 2HP x2
H-Spindle travel 100 mm
V-Spindle motor 2HP x 2
V-Spindle travel 150 mm
Hydraulic pump motor 2HP
Number of H-V Spindle H-10 V-10
Number of H-V idler wheel 12
Number of hold down clamp 4
Spindle speed 60HZ R.P.M. LS-1 3600
LS-2 4600
LS-3 3600
Min. distance between drills Ø13 chuck 50 mm
Ø10 chuck 40 mm
Min. working length 400 mm
Max. working length 2400 mm
H-V working basic size 900 x 2400 mm
Table size 170 x 950 x 2 mm
Machine size 4000 x 1100 x 2100 mm
Packing size 4200 x 1200 x 2200 mm
Net weight 2310kg
Gross weight 2510kg

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