Vertical Boring Machine
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(Vertical/Bench Type) Automatic Boring Machine
  • Vertical configuration designed for vertical hole boring operations.
  • Suitable for boring operations independently.
  • Spindle forward and backward motions are actuated by air power.
  • Foot switch controls spindle feed for maximum operation convenience.
  • Ruggedly construced base provides maximum stability of operations.(SS-036/037)
  • Equipped with round table for added convenience of operation.
  • The table can be adjusted vertically.
  • The spindle id directly driven.
  • Boring head is optional.
MODEL SS-35 SS-36 SS-37
Power 1 HP/3ph 1 HP/3ph 1 HP/3ph
Running speed 3440 rpm/60Hz) 3440 rpm/60Hz) 3440 rpm/60Hz)
Stroke 80mm(3 1/8") 80mm(3 1/8") 80mm(3 1/8")
Net weight 47kg(103LB) 61kg(134LB) 64kg(141LB)