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A Word From Our Vice General Manager

Our past, our future

A message from the Vice General Manager of OAV

Since our launch in September of 1980 in Fengyuan, OAV Equipment and Tools Inc. has grown into a multimillion dollar company, acquiring assets, as well as experiences, that have helped shape the company as an industry leader. In our quest for excellence, OAV has come to design a wide variety of products, using the latest technologies, and selected an outstanding team, all of whom are committed to achieving the company's mission. The team serves to effectively integrate marketing, sales, R&D, design, product technology, manufacturing, and internal control management, in order to provide customers with a full range of high-quality products and services, as well as promote the company around the world.

There are currently economic struggles affecting the world's businesses, outside of those which come as a result of internal competitors, but regardless of any challenges we may face, OAV is committed to upholding its traditional values – quality, flexibility, growth, collaboration, innovation, and integrity. It is these principles that will help guide us as we continue to rise in the Woodworking industry.

The OAV team is committed to providing a full range of products and services to customers around the world, to creating a positive working environment for its employees, and to fulfilling OAV's corporate social responsibilities.