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Panel Brush Sander, SL-1350U2D2 (Hold down roller)

OAV Equipment and Tools, Inc. offers Panel Brush Sander with superior quality and reasonable price. Also, offers excellent Panel Brush Sander, ensuring high quality and professional performance. Furthermore, we provide customized solutions to our clients based on their demands and assure the delivery of all consignments within the promised time-frame. We are highly lauded for our timely delivery, customization solutions, and flexible transaction modes. Welcome to contact with us if you are looking for highly efficient Panel Brush Sander.
Panel Brush Sander

SL-1350U2D2 (Hold down roller)

Panel Brush Sander

Features :

  • 2 sets of horizontal and 2 sets of angle sanding heads with oscillation function to provide more efficiency on sanding without damaging corner.
  • Electrical control by inverter which includes sanding head with variable speed.
  • High quality conveyor belt for long service lifespan.
  • Heavy- duty base and frame made of steel provides stability.
  • Firm and suitable vacuum (optional ) to hold small workpieces properly.
  • Standard oscillation system for all rollers, start and stop control with switch.
  • Thickness adjusted by electrical control (optional).
  • It can be used to sand cabinet doors, drawer fronts, face frames, entry doors, shutters and other irregular surface or three-dimensional parts in one process.

Specifications :

Model/Item No SL-1350U2D2 (Hold down roller)
Max. working width 53" (1350mm)
Max. working height 6" (152mm)
 Min. Work-pieces length (For hold down roller) 22" (560mm)
Min. Work-pieces thickness 3/8" (10mm) (up and down)
Variable Feeding speed 50HZ (1.5 ~ 9.5 M/min)
60HZ (1.8 ~ 11M/min)
Speed of sanding wheel 200~1200 R.P.M
Horizontal sanding head motor 4 X 3 HP (2.2KW)
Horizontal / Oscillation 32mm / 28RPM
Conveyor motor (For hold down roller) 1/2HP (0.37KW)
Conveyor motor (For vacuum) 3HP (2.2KW)
Moving brush head motor 1/4HP (0.18KW)
Brush Diameter 280mm (or) 320mm
Machine Dimension ( D x W x H ) 200cm x 223cm x 190cm
Packing Dimension ( D x W x H ) 210cm x 230cm x 220cm
Net Weight (vacuum / hold down roller) --- / 1680KGS
Gross Weight (vacuum / hold down roller) --- / 2080KGS

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