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Molding Brush Sander, SL-300-7S (4 Sides)

OAV Equipment and Tools, Inc. is Taiwan's leading manufacturer of Molding Brush Sander. OAV Equipment and Tools, Inc. specializes in servicing the Molding Brush Sander needs of businesses locally and across the country. We believe Molding Brush Sander is the best option for you. Our company provides Molding Brush Sander with high quality and competitive price. If you require smaller volumes of a wide range of Molding Brush Sander or immediate production needs, please contact us.
Molding Brush Sander

SL-300-7S (4 Sides)

Molding Brush Sander

Features :

  • Roller conveyor 1,840mm long rubber rollers, working height 852mm. Conveyor speed which are variable adjustment by adjusted knob.
  • Two sets of top & two sets of bottom brushing heads both of them with variable speed adjustment by inverter.
  • Right side brush head which can make an angle and move forward and backward.
  • Left side brush head which can make a cross movement by handle wheel.
  • Working height adjust by hand wheel.
  • The main frame is fabricated of heavy steel plate and ribbed to minimize vibration and deflection.
  • Brushing head combined cleaning brush units and abrasive cloth units. It has been designed for replacement conveniently.
  • It can be used to sand architrave and molding for 4 sides.

Specifications :

Model/Item No SL-300-7S (4 Sides)
Max. working width 12" (300mm)
Max. working height 4" (100mm)
Min. work-pieces length 33" (840mm)
Min. work-pieces thickness 3/8" (9.5mm)
Feed speed (Variable) 9~26 FPM (2.8~8.2 M/min)
Speed of sanding wheel 400-1200RPM
Top brush head motor 2 x 3/4 HP (0.55KW)
Bottom brush head motor 2 x 3/4 HP (0.55KW)
Right brush head motor 1x1/2 HP(0.37KW)
Left brush head motor 1x1/2 HP(0.37KW)
Conveyor motor 1/4 HP(0.18KW)
Moving brush head motor 1/3 HP(0.25KW)
Machine Dimension ( D x W x H ) 224cm × 123cm × 155cm
Packing Dimension ( D x W x H ) 230cm × 101cm x 164cm
Net weight 420 KGS
Gross weight 550 KGS

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