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In the 21st century business is more competitive than ever before. The key to success is the ability to produce stable and good quality products and sell them at affordable prices in the markets. OAV Equipment and Tools, Inc. has improved and strengthened its corporate structure to meet today’s challenges and modern manufactures and factories.


OAV Equipment and Tools, Inc. strives to research and develop quality, energy-efficient Wide Belt Sander to benefit the consumers. We can manufacture LACQUERED PANEL SANDER that meet specific requirements. Our first responsibility is to completely satisfy the needs of the people and organizations that use and distribute our products while providing the best value solutions for their LACQUERED PANEL SANDER requirements. Customer service is another commitment we take seriously, our proven reputation and record of quality support won't leave you stranded.


Features :

    Carefully designed and balanced to insure precise, chatter-free sanding. Covered with proper durometer rubber for each application.
    The conveyor belt speed is controlled by a variable speed unit.
    Feed speed can be vried as desired to suit all types of workpiece
    material, assuring superior sanding quality.
    It can easily control sanding belt speed, providing wide range of
    belt speed to match the variety of different paints.
    Built at outfeed end of the machine, this panel cleaning brush
    roller clean powder on the sanded panel.
    The top dust hood sucks all dust removed by the air jet cleaner. This prevents dust accumulating on the photocell sensor.
MODEL PR-25B PR-620B PR-37B PR-52B PR-1300B
2'/3'/4' CAPACITY
Working width 610mm 620mm 910mm 1300mm 1300mm
Working height 125mm 125mm 125mm 125mm 125mm
Main motor standard 5HP 7 1/2HP 7 1/2HP 15HP 20HP
Feed motor 1HP 1HP 1HP 3HP 3HP
Table hoist motor 1/2HP 1/2HP 1/2HP 1/2HP 1/2HP
Feed speeds (Variable) 6-24 M/min 6-24 M/min 6-24 M/min 6-24 M/min 6-24 M/min
Sanding belt size 24" x 48" 25" x 60" 37" x 60" 52" x 75" 52" x 84"
Compressed air required 5kg/cm² 5 kg/cm² 5 kg/cm² 5 kg/cm² 7 kg/cm²
Exhaust volume requirement 2060 M³/Hr 2060 M³/Hr 3090 M³/Hr 3500 M³/Hr 51800 M³/Hr
Net weight 660kg 750kg 900kg 2000kg 2500kg
Gross weight 720kg 850kg 1150kg 2300kg 2800kg
Dimensions: (LxWxH) 50" x 52" x 62" 50" x 52" x 68" 58" x 56" x 68" 102" x 70" x 80" 107" x 70" x 80"
Packing size: (LxWxH) 52" x 54" x 70" 50" x 52" x 77" 60" x 58" x 77" 104" x 72" x 89" 109" x 74" x 89"

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