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In the 21st century business is more competitive than ever before. The key to success is the ability to produce stable and good quality products and sell them at affordable prices in the markets. OAV Equipment and Tools, Inc. has improved and strengthened its corporate structure to meet today’s challenges and modern manufactures and factories.


OAV Equipment and Tools, Inc. carries a wide variety of SPINDLE SHAPER 625 SERIES for you. You can find almost all kinds of SPINDLE SHAPER 625 SERIES at a reasonable price here. We look forward to serving you in all of your needs. OAV Equipment and Tools, Inc. has earned a reputation for the highest quality offering in the SPINDLE SHAPER 625 SERIES market. Our commitment to excellence and dedication to customer satisfaction acts as our vision for the future. If you are looking for SPINDLE SHAPER 625 SERIES, please do not hesitate to inform us.


Features :

  • LS-625M
    • Fixed table with miter slot
    • Table area: 41-3/8" x 31-1/2" (1050 x 800mm)
    • 5HP 3Ø (7.5 HP opt.) motor
    • Spindle foot brake
  • LS-625MS
    • Sliding table model
    • Table area: 41-3/8" x 31-1/2" (1050 x 800mm)
    • 5HP 3Ø (7.5 HP opt.) motor
    • Spindle foot brake
  • LS-625T
    • Tilting spindle model
    • Miter slot is standard
    • Table area: 41-3/8" x 31-1/2" (1050 x 800mm)
    • 5HP 3Ø (7.5 HP opt.) motor
    • Spindle foot brake
  • LS-625TS
    • Tilting spindle with sliding table system
    • Table area: 41-3/8" x 31-1/2" (1050 x 800mm)
    • 5HP 3Ø (7.5 HP opt.) motor
    • Spindle foot brake
Choice of 3 spindle diameters- 3/4", 1", 1-1/4" or choice of metric sizes- 19mm, 25.4mm, 30mm. Spindle has MK5 taper to ensure precision fitting for the machines usable life, and guaranteed tolerance to 0.0008".

The spindle is driven by four-speed pulley for spindle speeds of 3000, 4500, 7500 and 10000 RPM. Change of speed is quickly and easily accomplished by simply loosening a lock lever, and shifting the belt to the required spindle speed.


The spindle is reversible to ensure safe rotation in clockwise or counter-clockwise direction as well as providing the ability of climb cutting panels.

The spindle is raised or lowered by a precision graduated handwheel, providing 1mm elevation per full revolution of the handwheel. Quick clamp lever positively holds spindle at a set height for guarantee of repitition.

Treadle plate provides instant stop of the running spindle after power has been shut off.

The spindle is fitted with 2 insert rings (6-3/8" & 8-5/8") permitting for use of a wide variety of shaper cutters and spindle speeds.

The fence assembly is attached with a 4" diameter outlet dust hood. The fence halves can be precision adjusted by micrometric adjustment knob with 0.008" graduation.

The The massive table is made from high quality cast iron, rib reinforced, and temper heat treated for maximum strength and wear resistance. Table surface is precision ground by milling and polished to 0.006" guarantee.

The MK5 taper on the spindle accepts a router collet system, providing maximum flexibility all in one shaping and routing machine.

Upon request, LCD displays are available. These LCD displays accurately indicate spindle elevation amount and adjustment amounts of fence halves.

Specifications :

Spindle Dia. 3/4", 1", 1-1/4"
Spindle Speed 3000 / 4500 / 7500 / 10000 rpm.
Taper of Spindle MK5
Sindle Motor 5 HP (7.5 HP opt.)
Spindle Travel 5" (130mm)
Spindle capacity under nut 3-1/4", 3-3/4", 4-1/2" (3/4", 1", 1-1/4" spindle)
Tilting Angle -5°~90°~+45°
Max. Table Insert Diameter 8-5/8" (220mm)
Table Size 41-3/8" x 31-1/8" (1050 x 800mm)
Table Height 35-1/2" (900mm)
Sliding Table Size 1050 x 250mm
Sliding Table Travel 38" (970mm)
Fence Size 4-15/16" x 35-1/2" (125 x 900mm)
N.W. 851 lbs(387kgs) 906 lbs(412kgs) 851 lbs(387kgs) 906 lbs(412kgs)
G.W. 900 lbs(409kgs) 994 lbs(452kgs) 900 lbs(409kgs) 994 lbs(452kgs)
Packing Dimensions 48"(L) x 37"(W) x 50"(H) 48"(L) x 46"(W) x 50"(H)
* Specifications and design characteristics are subject to change without prior notice.

  • Magnetic switch with overload protection
  • Reversing switch
  • Choice of spindle size: Specify spindle diameter when ordering. (Optional spindles available)
  • Spring hold downs:
    Vertical set of two pieces.
    Horizontal set of two pieces.
  • 2 Table inserts-(6-3/8" & 8-5/8")
  • Precision fence with 4" cast iron dust outlet
  • All electrical components are UL/CSA approved for U.S. market
  • Parts & Operations Books
  • Service tool kit

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