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Edge Banding Machine 【Used in the production of fire doors】, MAX580A

Edge Banding Machine 【Used in the production of fire doors】 is committed to quality, innovation, and service through our knowledgeable team that is dedicated to exceeding customer expectations. All our products are precisely developed by a creative team of professionals as per contemporary market trends. OAV Equipment and Tools, Inc. starts to use the automated production process in order to increase the quality and competitiveness of Edge Banding Machine 【Used in the production of fire doors】 in recent years. If you have any questions, want to buy in bulk, or have us give you a quote for a Edge Banding Machine 【Used in the production of fire doors】 to fit your needs, please email us.
MAX580A,Edge Banding Machine


Edge Banding Machine 【Used in the production of fire doors】

OAV’s edge bander MAX580A is the industrial choice with multi- functions which brings you the high quality result on the workpieces. It coils up to 3mm thick, and solid wood strip up to 8mm, this affordable machine is equipped with 1.5kgs capacity PUR glue tank, with premilled cutterhead 63mm, auto gluing, edge cutting, end trimming, , flush trimming, corner rounding, scraping and buffing with speed 16M (without corner rounding) and 11M with corner rounding. Automatic edge infeed device is advantage for fast change over between coil and solid wood edge up to 8mm. And the nesting package includes a multi-roller tracing device for the trimming and scraping unit to compensate for hinge holes.

Machine with touch screen display for all operation, PLC parameter setting & all operating controls bring stable and reliable working conditions which raise the quality of your products.

This best choice is the helper to large your production capacity and optimize your investment and take your organizational output and performance to the next level. Please contact us to have detailed information by www.oavequipment.com
Features :

Pre-milling unit
The premilling station comes with two 1.1kw high frequency motors with counter rotating 60mm diameter diamond cutterheads which ensure perfect trimming of up to 60mm thick panels.
Gluing Unit
1.5 kg capacity Teflon coated glue pot is suitable for both PUR and EVA glue. The precise glue quantity control allows for an optimal glue amount to be applied to the edge of the panel. Equipped with a quick change system for cleaning or multiple glue pots (on request). The automatic cleaning cycle cleans the glue spreader roll.

Tape Feeding Device & Strip Feed 
Capable of feeding both coil and strips with the strip feed magazine. This automatic edge infeed device is designed for fast change over between coil and solid wood edge up to 6 mm.

Pressure Zone
The rotating pressure roller section guarantees an optimal glue point. This heavy-duty pressure zone comes with 3 pcs steel rollers which can be quickly set to apply your various edge thickness. The pressure section ensures the proper bond of the edge to the substrate.
Dust Collecting Box 
Collects the trimming from the scraping unit in a separate storage comportment so they are not collected in to the dust collector where they could impede the impeller fan.
End Trimming Unit
Precision dual motor high frequency end cutting units travel on precision linear guides for flush end trimming of the panel. Motors can be set to straight or chamfer 15° automatically from the control panel.
Top & Bottom Trimming Unit
The innovative design of this unit allows for precise results regardless of the type of edge and panel you are using. The two high frequency motors can be tilted for bevel 15° or straight cutting. The multi-functional cutters can be set up for flush trimming, bevel trimming, or radius trimming.
Corner Rounding Unit
The innovative design of this unit allows you to get a precision end rounding on your panel every time without cutter marks. Optimum corner rounding without adjustment or set-up, resulting from the combination of a diamond tool and tracer roller. Capable of corner rounding workpieces up to 60mm in thickness.
Radius Scrap Unit
This unit with its user-friendly design is able to eliminate any knife marks left on the edge after profiling on the top & bottom trimmers. It can be easily excluded when processing edges not requiring the radius scraper.
Flat Scrap
Accomplishing an most favorable appearance by removing the leaked of left glues remained on the edge.
Buffing Unit
Two Independent buffing wheels for cleaning & polishing can be adjusted to a particular angle to maximize its effect for better workpiece _finishing & extending buffing wheel service life. The buffing units are designed to polish edges and maintain their natural colors.

Automatic Pressure Beam
The height of the pressure beam can adjusted automatically according the thickness of panel being.
Nesting package includes a multi-roller tracing device for the top trimming and scraping unit to compensate for hinge holes.

Specifications :

Type MAX 580A MAX 580A PLUS
Feeding speed 11M/min. 11M/min. &
16M/min. (Double speed)
Feeding speed(@ corner rounding) 11M/min.
Panel Thickness 8-60mm
Edge Thickness 0.4 - 3mm
Wood Strip Thickness 8mm (max)
Mini. Panel Width 120mm 120mm
Mini. Panel Length (w/o corner rounding) 170mm 170mm(@ 11M/min.) / 250mm(@ 16M/min.)
Corner Rounding Mini. Panel Length (height 8-30mm) 220mm
Corner Rounding Mini. Panel Length (height 30-60mm) 250mm
Working Table Height 960mm
Extensible Support Width 675mm
Extraction Connector Ø5" (125mm)
Pre-milling 12000rpm
End trimming/Top down trimming/Corner rounding Unit 12000rpm
Buffing unit 3000rpm
Weight (N.W./G.W.)   
Packing Size/ Overall Size (L x W X H) 485x100x175/ 490x120x152 cm
Container Q’ty (20'/40') 2sets/4sets
Power (KW) Of Each Motor
Total Motor Power 10kw 11kw
Feeding Motor Power 1.1kw 2.20kw
Glue Pot Heating (5 Elements) 1.45kw
Pre-milling motor 1.10kw x2 2.2kw x2
Pre-heating 0.4kw
Glue Spindle Motor 0.25Kw
Front/Rear Trimming Motor (each) 0.37kw x2
Top/Down Trimming Motor (each) 0.37kw x2 0.75kw x2
Corner Rounding Motor 0.37kw

Country of Origin :


Main Export Markets :

North America 40.00% Western Europe 40.00% South America 10.00%, others 10%

Payment Details :

Minimum Order : T/T

Others :1 - 200    Sets

Lead Time :

Days : 60-90  FOB Port

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Delivery Details :

  • Wood industry, Kitchen cabinet, Panel line,
  • Workshop. Raw material made in Taiwan or Europe

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